We are here to help up and coming musicians succeed. We all know that now a days, the internet is by far the leading source of information on any subject. Music being one of them. If you were a band like Rush or Maroon 5, you would not have a need for this site. There are many sites out there dedicated to helping musicians: SoundCloud, Bandcamp and ReverbNation come to mind. These are great sites to get your music heard and sold. As a matter of fact, clicking to our links page, you will find those guys listed. They have been around for awhile and have great reputations. They also take a percentage of your money. 9% here 8% there and it adds up once you have sold tons of music and lets face it, that’s what you want.. to sell bucket loads of music. We are here to furnish your band with a free website and on this site, that is all we do; get your band set up to share and sell your music.

MuseWeaverOur Site is part of the MuseWeaver Musical Network and within this network are sites that will help your band even more. The tools to succeed are here if you’d like to take advantage of them. Our services are some-what new and at this time, we need you as much as you need us. We too, are trying to make a name for ourselves with a very limited budget. Our tools are solid, our help is genuine and are hearts are true.

Some of our tools include but are not limited to: Band Directories, Musicians Directories, Band Managing, Ticket Sales, Event Calendars, Podcast Creation, Buying and selling of Musical Equipment, Music School, Instrument Auctions, Musicians Classifieds and so much more. As I said before, the tools are here if you’d like to use them. The majority of all our ‘help tools’ are free. If we do charge, it’ll be cheap. In most cases just enough to cover our costs and a second cup of coffee.music quote

As musicians ourselves and struggling at that, we decided to help ourselves by building this network. We all have a common goal; a common thread that holds us together and that, my friends, is music. If we all band together like musicians do, we will all succeed in our endeavors.

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